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Kraken Pump Non Stimulant Pre-Workout

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If you've ever stared at the ceiling all night after a pre-workout-fueled training session, thinking, "I should not have taken that caffeine", then you've come to the right place.


Here's how we did it with Kraken Pump –– what a stimulant-free pre-workout should be:

HydroMax Glycerol is a classic ingredient in the pre-workout space, but HydroMax™ takes it to the next level. While traditional glycerol monostearate offers only 25% glycerol by mass, HydroMax provides a massive 65%,[1] giving you more bang for your buck. Stay hydrated -- the HydroMax in Kraken Pump can help saturate your muscle tissue with water. More water may lead to better endurance thanks to "hyper-hydration" and better pumps thanks to "cellular swelling".[2] Remember, the Kraken is a sea monster... treat it as such and drink plenty of water!

Alpha-GPC may be the most potent form of choline on the market, which often brings enhanced focus and "mind-muscle" control to your training. But even better, research has shown that Alpha-GPC may improve power output![3] As a focus enhancer, it may help get you into the mental zone required to survive even the most intense workouts.[4]

We threw it into Kraken Pump to make sure you are performing all reps at your best –– and concentrate on each and every one. We believe that every pre-workout should include a cognitive enhancer because training transcends the physical realm. To really succeed in a training session, you have to be there. Body and mind.

VASO-6™ is a patented next-generation nitric oxide boosting ingredient isolated from green tea extract. It’s called VASO-6™ due to the six constituent molecules found in both grape seed and green tea that make it so effective as a pump enhancer. Research has shown that VASO-6™ may vastly improve nitric oxide synthesis in the body,[5] which leads to enhanced pumps in the weight room, and possibly more!

Pine Bark Extract is one of the more reliable ways to increase the plasma concentration of nitric oxide in the body. Once again, this yields improved blood flow and pumps, so pine bark extract alongside the VASO-6™ is the combination for earth-shattering pumps,[6] and it's a rare combination you don't see in many supplements. The enhanced blood flow provided by pine bark will make sure that the other ingredients hit your muscles even harder.

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