Stimul8 Loaded by Finaflex

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Stimul8 loaded by Finaflex for the ultimate workout stimulation. Featuring clinically dosed, key performance boosting ingredients (that we will visit below) this is the ultimate pre-workout, carefully designed and developed to offer support in your quest to become fitter, faster and stronger.
Stimul8 Loaded’s powerful combo of not only stimulants, but also nootropics, readies both the mind and body for the toughest workout and challenges you will experience.

Each scoop of Stimul8 Loaded by Finaflex may:

  • Stimulate workout performance helping you strive for personal bests and reach new training levels beyond your expectations

  • Potent energy boost helping you to raise your intensity levels and reduce fatigue

  • Support strength/mass gains by your increased ability to workout closer to your max level for longer

  • Heightened focus and concentration leading to greater speed and power

  • Magnify pumps via increasing blood flow and nutrients transport to working muscles

  • Promote recovery rate getting you ready quicker for the next session

  • Provide the desire and motivation for regular workouts which give you the best chance for results

Take 1 Scoop 15-30 minutes prior to working out. If you are new to Stimul8 Loaded start with 1/2 scoop.