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ATP Science BETA Alannie (250g)

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Category: Amino Acid

ATP Science Beta Alanine

Beta-Alanine is known as a rate limiting amino acid, which essentially means it controls the amount of a secondary product that exists in the human body.

In this instance, the amino acid, or more specifically the di-peptide (meaning 2 amino acids bound together to make 1) is known as Carnosine. Carnosine is responsible for the buffering of Hydrogen, which is an accumulative toxin that rises as a result of high-intensity exercise and causes fatigue.

Beta-Alanine is the sole controlling amino acid responsible for the levels of intramuscular Carnosine available. What this means is, that unless you supplement with Beta-Alanine, you cannot increase Carnosine levels. 

Supplementing with Beta-Alanine daily has been clinically proven to improve workout intensity, reduce time trial times in endurance athletes and improve repeat bout efforts in high-intensity exercise.


For best results take 1.2 grams with 50ml of water before, during or directly after training. ATP Science's Beta Alanine is freely soluble in water.