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ATP Science Triple Base STACK DEAL

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  • Holding fat and fluid buttocks, thighs, backs of the arms, love handles, lower abdomen and lower back, chest / breast or gynaecomastia in males?
  • Increased intuition and gut instincts or excessive mental chatter?
  • Exaggerated stress response, worry and harder to switch off so can dwell on things?
  • Crave sugar and chocolate?
  • Mood swings are aggravated and follow pattern with menstrual cycle?
  • Headaches or migraines?
  • Poor circulation, sometimes bruising and varicose veins?
  • Bloated and fluid retention; especially in abdomen, hips and thighs?
  • Breast tenderness, swelling, or lumpy tissue?
  • Heavy, excessive menstrual bleeding or Delayed and / or prolonged menstrual bleeding?
  • Diagnosed with endometriosis?

Estrogen Dominance Protocols Base Stack Includes:

  • ATP Science - Alpha Prime - 120 Capsules
  • ATP Science - Alpha Venus - 120 Capsules
  • ATP Science - Multi Food - 90 Capsules
Alpha Prime - 120 Capsules

This dynamic selection of super foods have been selected, prepared and combined in the precise ratios for ultimate synergy. The superfoods have been encapsulated for your convenience. Get the results you expect and deserve.

Alpha Venus - 120 Capsules

ATP Science Alpha Venus is a female focused formulation to help improve estrogen modulation and androgen ratios to ensure you can get the body shape and increase in metabolism you desire.

Multi Food - 90 Capsules

Multi Food offers a 100% organic food source, derived from reputable farming practices with absolutely ZERO synthetic compounds in the quantities your body requires.


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