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X50 High Protein Egg White Omelette (900g)

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Category: Healthy Snacks

Don’t have time to make a healthy breakfast that is high in protein, low in carbohydrates and low in fat?

Or perhaps you don’t have the skills of a masterchef?

X50 have you covered once again with another delicious, low calorie, nutrient packed product that can benefit both your health and your taste buds.

Using high-quality food sources for their protein, with added vitamins and minerals from natural food sources to maximise both flavour and nutrient density, X50 Omelette is rich in B Vitamins, electrolytes and also contains a good source of fibre.

At 20g of protein per serving in the simplicity of a single scoop, X50 Omelette gives you the equivalent of 4 egg whites per serve.

Naturally low in sugar, X50 Omelette is micronutrient dense, macronutrient balanced and most importantly, maximally delicious.

Just add your favourite vegetables, shake, cook and enjoy!

Egg Albumin Powder

Egg albumin is arguably one of the highest quality proteins on the market, with a perfect 100/100 score on the bioavailability (BA) rating and contains all critically essential amino acids necessary for health, performance and recovery. Egg Albumin is also high in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and is completely dairy and lactose-free. Even better, X50 Omelette is also easily digested due to its BA rating.

With the delicious flavours of cheese and chives, enjoy a convenient, mess free, high protein breakfast with the simplicity of a single scoop serve.

Note - While Egg Albumin is dairy free and lactose free, the Omelette mix does contain dairy.