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A healthy digestive system (a.k.a. gut) essentially helps run the show when it comes to your overall general health. In fact, your gut houses 70% of the cells that help make up your complex immune system, which is why we believe a healthy gut isn’t just about high doses of probiotics, it’s also about probiotic diversity.


SUP™ has 8 key strains of probiotics, including scientifically researched species to help promote a flourishing gut and help:

  • Strengthen your immunity and digestive system
  • Support a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria
  • Relieve mild bloating, gas and constipation
  • Relieve symptoms of medically diagnosed IBS


  • For general & digestive health: POP 1 SUP™ daily.
  • To complement antibiotic use: POP 1 SUP™, 2 times daily (2 hours from antibiotics).